We grew up in the countryside. Climbing trees, swimming in rivers, watching birds and sleeping under the stars. The same trees, rivers, birds and stars are everywhere in Beijing if you only open your eyes and ears and begin to discover. Beijing Field Studies is education in, for and about the environment. Let’s explore together.


About us

Beijing Field Studies helps students to reconnect with nature and learn about the environment through interactive, educational field trips. Since 2017, we have run successful field trips to a diverse range of natural spots in and around Beijing, including Fragrance Hill, Botanical Gardens, Olympic Forest Park, Huairou Mountains and more. These field trips have inspired over 300 students through engaging activities such as bird watching, nature bingo and plant identification.

Our Team ⇻



We offer field trips to students ranging from Grades 1 to 8 with a subject focus on history, science and the natural world. All of our field trips will now take place in the stunningly beautiful Shenglu Heligan Garden in Shunyi. Join us! Let our experienced exploration guides help students develop their academic knowledge, essential skills and a lifelong passion for the great outdoors!

What We Do ⇻

If we could get children to think that the natural world is not something to just be consumed, but that we play a part in the balance of nature, then we might change the attitudes of the next generation.
— David Harland, CEO of Eden Project International Ltd